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Hello this is Melissa Allen,

As you already know there are so many dating programs for women that teach how to find perfect guy. There’s nothing wrong with them. We can get help from these programs as long as we want but what about for guys?

There are so many guys that are using wrong tactics that make girls feel like there are in some sort of ‘hidden camera’ program. Most of the guys don’t know how to approach woman in right way.

beautiful girl legsI have been helping some of my guy friends in dating. After all I am woman and I know what women want to hear and not to hear. Well, apparently not. What I am teaching to my guy friends seems not working for them. Then I decided to do research to show some pointers about dating to my guy friends.

During my research I discovered program called Unlock Her Legs – Use Scrambler Technique to Nail That Hard To Get Girl. This dating program was created by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. Firstly, the title of this program grabs my attention. I decided to download it and get enough information to show some pointers to my guy friend. But the more I read, I discover both these guys know a lot more about getting women.

In this whole page you will discover complete information that I discover inside this program. Additionally, in this end of this review you can also download my free “What Women Secretly Want” ebook (No payment/email required)

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Let’s start the review

What is Unlock Her Legs?

Unlock Her Legs SystemIt is ‘exclusively guy’ dating program created by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge for all those guys that having difficult time in their relationship and sex life. In this program Bobby Rio and Rob Judge shared some effective strategies which every guy can use to satisfy his life with sexual activity and love. This program covers techniques for guys to help them in avoiding mistakes that guys do when taking their relationship into bed.

Bobby Rio faced some tough time in getting his dream woman but he discovered one effective strategy that changed his life and make him dating hero. Bobby Rio and Rob Judge put this effective strategy with many other techniques into a comprehensive program that anyone can download and easily apply them.

Authors introduced unique and effective technique known as ‘The Scrambler Technique’ that will transform dating failure into dating pleasure.

Bobby Rio and Rob Judge created a short video presentation that will reveal more about this technique. Here is the video:



What is The Scrambler Technique?

Scrambler Technique is the most important technique of this program. This technique alone can make you dating hero. Some guys get rejected every time they approach any girl but on other hand some guys score girl every time they go out. Bobby Rio and Rob Judge think way of communication with girl is what makes the difference. This is where Scrambler Technique shines.

Do you keep noticing guys that make girls fall crazy for them? Did this situation force you to question about your dating skills? If it does then Scrambler Technique answers your every question about dating. You can use this technique to make any girl to fall in love with you. This technique can make you ladies magnet.

The Scrambler Technique is based on tricks that ‘ladies magnet’ uses every time they approach any girl without even knowing it. They naturally use these tricks while sitting with women and results speak for them. Most guys have to develop this skill with little help but few born with it.

Bobby Rio and Rob Judge advised ‘chase flex’ for creating The Scrambler Technique. This is on principle of when you chase girl, she retreats but when girl chases you, you score. Now the question is how to create ‘chase flex’ in your relationship?

How to Create ‘Chase Flex’?

Chase Flex is crucial for creating Scrambler Technique. Bobby Rio and Rob Judge suggested 4 principles for creating chase flex. These four principles are:

Chase Flex

1st Principle – Uncertainty: Telling everything to the girl is the biggest mistake that most guys do. Girls attract to drama and mystery. If you want to take your relationship into the next level then you have to create some level of uncertainty in your relationship. For example getting out of reach makes girl to think more about you that will make her chase you more than ever.

2nd Principle – Power: Most guys give power of selection to their girl which is very common mistake. Keeping the power to you is the key to successful relation. When you have power in the relationship then your girl’s focus will move from her to you. This will make her to make moves to impress you.

3rd Principle – Validation: This section will teach you techniques that will make your woman to seek approval from you. This section will help guys in understanding about how to avoid getting approval for everything from the girl and make her think your selection is just perfect.

4th Principle – Anticipation: In this section you are going to learn star strategy that will make your girl anticipate every move you make. This is the very crucial and important technique that turn on sex switch inside her mind.

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Who Will Get Benefit?

Unlock Her Legs is not just about getting women into bed in fact it also helps those guys that want to take their relationship into next level. This program is godsend for those guys that want to remain covered by hot and curvy girls. This ‘men exclusive’ dating program will help you if:

  • You want to find your dream woman but it seems impossible in practical world
  • You want to avoid getting rejected and want to date with hottest girl of the town
  • You are struggling into your relationship and want to satisfy yourself with sexual activity and love
  • You dumped by your ex and want to win her back again
  • You are desperate to learn real secrets of dating and flirting

Additionally, there are lots of guys who get benefits from this program and now they can score girl every time they approach. I have collected few reviews below:



Is it Worth the Investment?

For the program that offers a lot of information at just $79, Unlock Her Legs truly worth every penny of your investment. Although Bobby and Rob can charge hundreds of dollars for this but, they opted not to. For the price of a Saturday night out you can download this program and start your new dating life with BANG!!

Additionally, Bobby Rio and Rob Judge offering worthy bonuses for FREE that make Unlock Her Legs worth a lot more than what you actually paying for. Overall, I think this program is for all those guys that want to develop ‘chick magnet’ skill.

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