5 ‘Show-Stopping’ Mistakes Most Guys Do In Approaching Girl

approach womanIn this post I am going to talk about mistakes that guys do often when they approach girl. It doesn’t matter either they approach girl at street, bar or at work. I often see guys making same mistakes again and again which kill all the attraction.

I worked with lots of guys in finding their behavior towards girl during the initial attraction phrase and now I can walk in any room with new students and points out what mistake each guy is going to make. I called these mistakes as ‘show shopping mistakes’ because they kill all the attraction. Even you can’t able to do these mistakes inside Bobby’s Unlock Her Legs.

Understanding about these mistakes is important because it will give you advantage to not repeat mistakes that most guys doing while approaching any girl.

Ok, let’s start about these mistakes…

Mistake #1: Creating Imaginary Relationship:

The first mistake that most guys make is creating imaginary relationship just after first date with the girl. You don’t have to start creating imaginary relationship with the girl. It doesn’t matter either you walk with her to the bar or she returned you her phone number or send text message. It is important to stop thinking about her 24/7 and don’t start calling her your girlfriend in your mind.

Girl controlling menYour mind can’t tell the difference between imaginary memories and real memories. If you keep on thinking about the new girl every time then your mind will put imaginary memories into the folder of real memories. Then you will start feeling much stronger connection with the girl than you actually have and you also start thinking that you have some history with her. But later when you find out she doesn’t have stronger feeling as much as you do then you will be devastated and end up destroying your own relationship.

The best way to stop thinking about her all the time is to think logical if your mind is thinking emotional. And if your mind is thinking logical then think emotional. Always keep your mind occupied with other things.

Mistake #2: Hesitation:

Hesitation is the second mistake that most guys do in the beginning of their dating. Hesitation is the natural behavior and everyone hesitate before jumping out of his comfort zone.

It may be possible you are also hesitating for making your first move towards approaching girl. You have to understand that you will not get any result until you jump out from the comfort zone and take action. You don’t have to hesitate in approaching girl. If one girl rejects your offer then there is no big problem as there are 10 more girls waiting for you.

The best way to avoid hesitation is to avoid allowing much time to your mind about thinking for the outcomes. Say one or two words of motivation like ‘Don’t be a pussy” or “Be a man” then approach girl.

Mistake #3: Failing Compliance Tests:

Guy has to pass various testing questions that come from the girl he approaches. If guy fails to pass these various tests then girl filters him out. Any guy who can’t able to pass these tests doesn’t deserve to be with any girl.

Girls test the guy from every corner because this testing device exists in their mind and they can spot fake body language from miles away. This testing device exists in their mind because it works for them. If you want to build relationship with any girl then you have to learn and practice hard about this testing device and find a way to outcome it. Thankfully, it doesn’t matter if you’re approaching 20 years girl or 40 years old married women, the testing device works almost in the same way.

Mistake #4: Being Needy:

needy boyfriendBeing Needy is the fourth common mistake in my list that most guys do in their beginning days of relationship. Don’t try to act needy even she walks away from you. No problem, there are many other girls that you can approach. If you become needy just after one girl rejects your offer then it will kill all the attraction from your body and girls nearby thinks you are loser and needy. Neediness is the quality of unattractive person and I am sure you already know that no one likes to date with unattractive person.

It is very important to remember that in the beginning days, approach girl like a fun because you have nothing to lose. You will lose nothing if one girl walks away unless you are in rapport phrase. But in the attraction phrase you don’t have to become sad or needy if you get rejected by one, two or three girls. You will learn gradually from your mistakes. That is the reason you have to keep trying until you get successful.

Tip: By using Scrambler Technique you can reverse this program and make girl to run after you.

Mistake #5: Pecking:

Pecking is another mistake that most guys do in the beginning phrase of attraction. Yesterday, I walked into the bar and saw lot of guys lean forward to the hips to talk with their girl and then lean back when they finished. Then again they lean forward to hear what she is talking then lean back when she finished talking. It looks like chicken pecking foods and truly this is the biggest mistake they are making that kills all the attraction.

You also have to make sure that you don’t have to do this mistake during your communication with the girl. In the beginning phrase of attraction it doesn’t matter if you don’t listen to the verbal communication. Body language is the most important and this is what that matters the most.

If you are leaning forward to listen or talk with the girl then your body sending signals that you are ready to do anything to make her stay with you. Instead of doing this you can lean left or right and point to your ear. This will make the girl to lean forward that will naturally make her to come closer to you. Even by doing this other girls nearby feels you are confident, attractive and good with girls.


Congratulation!! Now you have all the information that will able you to avoid mistakes that most guys are doing. By avoiding this mistake you will become comfortable with most of girls and can date with the hottest girl in the town with ease.


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